What We Offer


Lessons Designed for You

In which areas do you need help: Pronunciation? Vocabulary? Writing? We will create a customized 'Plan of Action' for you, and evaluate your progress each month. 

Vocabulary and Grammar 

We'll help you to understand the subtle differences in meaning between English words. We pay attention to everything from professional terminology to informal local expressions (idiom/slang). 

Pronunciation and Accents

We'll teach you vocal techniques to help you to pronounce words more clearly, and communicate more effectively with colleagues, classmates, and average Americans. 

Writing and Reading

In a professional environment, you write and read constantly: emails, reports, presentations. We will teach you ways to write efficiently, and understand more comprehensively.   

Job Interview Preparation

Looking for a job?  With more than 20 years of management experience, we will prepare you for a job interview. We can also edit your professional resume / CV and cover letter. 

Public Speaking

Are you required to give reports? Speak at events? Interact with colleagues and clients? Talk on conference calls? We can help improve your speaking and increase your confidence.